Advanced Yo-Yo Tutuorial

Hidemasa Hook.This is the first really hook you should learn. It really isn’t too tough and you can always implement it into a freestyle. It puts you in a good position to keep going with other tricks. Practice makes perfect. Spirit Bomb. This might be your first full length string trick. It takes a while to get it right, but its a huge accomplishment to be able to work through all these steps. Take it slow, just learn it one step at a time. Gyroscopic Flop. The first time I saw this trick I was like…whaaaaaaaaat??? But for how cool it looks it really isn’t that hard to learn. Just be sure and use an unresponsive yoyo otherwise this trick would just be called, “the flop” Follow. This trick is HARD! It looks hard too. But when it clicks, it’s the best feeling in the world and it will actually come quite easy to you. So be prepared to work on this one for a while, but you’ll feel it when it clicks. Find that rhythm! BlueClub Disco. Performed by Loris Hc using the MonkeyfingeR Tri-B. Love the trick, love how clear it is. Well done Lrois, should give us all something to work on this weekend! CICCOPOLENTI. There are a ton of trick videos out there so its hard to know what to post, but Riccardo Fraolini is one of the most creative and fluid trick inventors out there.