Beginner Yo-Yo Tutorial


Beginner Yo-Yo Tricks

Jamaican Flag. When I learned this trick it was called the confederate flag. Being in 4th grade, I don’t think I fully grasped how that imagery can be quite offensive. Any other flags it resembles?

Rock the Baby. I won’t lie, the biggest reason for learning this trick is that EVERYONE who see’s you yoyoing will ask you to do this trick. So learn it, make the world happy!

Trapeze. If you haven’t learned this trick- don’t do anything until you have. Its simple, and easy enough. Ultimately, it will change your life. Stop and Go. There are some advanced tricks that we’ve seen implement this same idea, still a good looking trick all on its own. String Tension. I really wished I had this tutorial while I was learning to yoyo. So spread the word to anyone just starting out! Pop-The-Clutch. Chances are if you are teaching this trick to a youngster yoyoer, they won’t have any idea what a clutch is, so you have my permission to change the name to whatever you would like. World Tour. Truth is I didn’t even know this was a trick for a long time. I thought it was just around the world. But I was wrong- so I thought I’d share the love for other fools like me out there. Braintwister. There are so many variations of this trick. Too many to count. Can you come up with your own? Learn this first. UFO. An oldie but a goodie, it's become more relevant lately with all the hype surrounding finger spinning.