Retail Policy

YoYoSam's Retail Policy

YoYoSam is committed to helping our partner vendors achieve their goals.  We have long standing relationships that are built on mutual respect and fairness.  We value these relationships dearly and will always hold up our end of any agreement.  

All products that YoYoSam retails are sold on about 12 different platforms, including our brick and mortar store, YoYoSam website, events that we host and attend, as well as many third party platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.  We have a good reputation everywhere we sell for the simple reason that we genuinely pride ourselves on customer service and stand behind everything we sell.  

We are diligent about complying with MAP pricing provided this is enforced across the board by vendors.  In the event that products are being sold on any platform for below MAP pricing, we notify the vendor and allow ample time for the vendor to rectify the problem before we make any changes to our pricing.  

We do not limit our sales to or from any particular marketplace.  It is our hope that our vendors will respect our business model and provide a fair playing field for all retailers.  We do not ask for exclusivity in any marketplace and we do not remove listing from any marketplace for the purpose of creating a less competitive selling environment for competitors. 

We often have situations where a vendor attempts to limit Amazon or eBay sales.  This almost never works.  If they have a distribution network of any size, they will see their products being sold on most third party selling sites, often from names they do not recognize and from retailers they do not sell to.  There are many unscrupulous retailers that sell under different names and location for this very reason.  This is an unfortunate fact of third party platforms.  YoYoSam will not participate in this "game."  We are an honest company with good relationships and while it is an easy scam to get away with (every company learns this), we would never promise something we had no intention in doing.

Additionally, YoYoSam is always interested in working with our venders on cross promotions and shared social media marketing.  If you ever have in interest in working with us on this, please reach out to and someone from our marketing team will be in touch.

Thanks for being a YoYoSam partner, we look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship with your company.


Mitch Silver    

Founder of YoYoSam