Ace Yo BTS TISS Yo-Yo - Born to Speed - Bi-Metal Titanium with Steel Rings YoYo

Title: Raw
Sale price$ 499

ACEYO BTS Bimetal Titanium With Steel rings timetal yo-yo

ACEYO BTS is something truely special. It features an extreme straight H shape profile for easy catches and stainless steel rings added to the premium lightweight titanium body for additional rim weight. The BTS generates power and spin times not found in other titanium yoyos! It's Titanium bimetal construction leaves little room for a more extravagant throw!

Weight: 64.85g/2.29oz
Diameter: 54.45mm/2.14in
Width: 44.05mm/1.73in
Bearing: C
Body Material: titanium
Ring material: Stainless steel

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