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Ace Yo Clemency 2 Yo-Yo - 6061 Aluminum YoYo Body with 7075 Rings

$ 35.00 

The Aceyo Clemency 2 is a unique take on an aluminum yo-yo, with a 6061 alloy body, with 7075 rims in contrasting colors. The higher density of the 7075 alloy provides a boost to the rim weight that would be much harder to obtain with just 6061 aluminum, thus providing that "bi-metal" feeling of stability at a fraction of the cost to produce. It features a fast playing design that will keep up with your fastest combos at a price that can't be beat!

Weight: 64.6g/2.28oz
Width: 44 mm/1.73in
Body Material: 6061 Aluminum
Rim Material: 7075 Aluminum