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Ace Yo Hypocrisy SE Yo-Yo - V-Shaped Mono-Metal Bearing YoYo

$ 29.99 
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ACEYO Hypocritical SE YOYO Competitive Unresponsive Yo-yo For The Professional Yoyo Player Yoyo.

The Aceyo Hypocrisy features a modified v shape with several cuts near the rim to provide a comfortable profile in the hand and fast on the string! It also features a cup area with a glossy finish for a dazzling display for the audience and player alike! The catch zone features a soft blast finish for epic grinds and complex string formations with no lost speed.

ACEYO was established in 2013, bringing a whole new experience to players. As its motto says, "ALWAYS CREATE FOR YOU",
ACEYO has been constantly exploring and making progress, and has mature product design ability. The design keeps pace with the times, and the face value and performance are equally important. They have sponsored many competitions over the years.

Weight: 64.8g / 2.28oz
Width: 46mm / 1.81in
Diameter: 55mm / 2.16in
Gap: 4mm / 0.16in
Material: 6061 Aluminum