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Ace Yo Mercy 7 Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal YoYo

$ 55.00 

Mercy 7

The Mercy series from AceYo has produced some of the most high performance and competition ready outer ring bimetal designs to date! With the 7th generation AceYo has blended various elements from previous Mercy interations into a new bimetal yo-yo all it's own! In Mercy 7 you'll find a familiar but refined, fast playing and wide V shape body that is very capable of the wildest tricks, including horizontal play! Featuring thick stainless steel rims for incredible stability and spintime to provide the serious push that will have your hardest tricks begging for Mercy!

Weight 65.1g/2.29oz
Width 47mm/1.85in
Diameter 57mm/2.24in