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Ace Yo Universal Gravitation Yo-Yo - 7075 Aluminum with Stainless Steel Rings Premium Bi-Metal YoYo

$ 70.00 
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Ace Yo Universal Gravitation Yo-Yo -7075 Aluminum YoYo with Stainless Steel or Brass Rings

Aceyo takes the Gravitation series to the next level with the Universal Gravitation. This inner-ring design bimetal features the profile and cup of the Gravitation series, but using the denser, more premium 7075 aluminum alloy to squeeze even more performance out of the design! The inset stainless steel ring is placed closer to the center of the yo-yo, providing stability with a great amount of control for your longest most intricate combos!

ACEYO was established in 2013, bringing a whole new experience to players. As its motto says, "ALWAYS CREATE FOR YOU",
ACEYO has been constantly exploring and making progress, and has mature product design ability. The design keeps pace with the times, and the face value and performance are equally important. They have sponsored many competitions over the years.

Weight: 64.5g / 2.27oz
Width: 45.5mm / 2.58in
Diameter: 56.55mm / 2.223in
Gap: 4mm / 0.16in
Material: 7075 Aluminum
Rings: Stainless Steel Rings that come in either Silver or Brass Coloring