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AroundSquare Deco Blocks Untitled 2 - Puzzle Desk Toy - 12 Piece Skill Toy

$ 30.00 

Untitled 2 is deceptively simple in design. The set consists of 12 pieces, identical in shape, which can be combined together in countless ways, including the creation of multi-piece shapes which can then build further on one another.

All Deco blocks are made from high grade silicone, making them an excellent desk toy and travel game. Inspired by the epic optimism of the art deco movement, and the critical perspective of deconstructionism, Aroundsquare's Deco blocks present a fresh approach to creative play. The different designs allow for building outwards in every dimension, and the creation of structures which are both architecturally and geometrically interesting, as well as visually pleasing.

12 Pieces