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AroundSquare Herc Core Begleri - Hardcore Gut System Compatible

$ 25.00 

The AO2 Herc beads are another addition to our Hardcore Gut System. These beads are designed to fit inside any "Hardcore Compatible" set, such as the Modern Standards, the Everyman (hardcore models), and the Curio begleri. Unlike the Micro Standards, the Hercs do not fit entirely inside of the hardcore beads. The flanged portion extends out, roughly to the edge of the outer beads, and the bottom portion of the bead extends down further. This results in a low weight distribution which helps carry momentum even when the overall set weight is quite low. The design of the bottom portion of the beads may look a little bit strange, but it is intentional, giving good grip and control on the bottom portion of the bead, without extending the bead diameter too far. This maximizes the nimbleness of the bead in the fingers, which is advantageous for gap tricks and bead rolls.

The new twist that we are introducing with the Hercs is the addition of rings, which allow for customization of weight and appearance. The the silicone rings are wide and grippy in texture, thanks to the embossed aroundsquare word mark around the exterior.

The silicone bands are approximately 10mm in width and 1mm in thickness, making them roughly twice as wide and half as thick as the original Herc Rings. The Silicone Bands come in a 12 pack (2pcs x 6 colours). Purchases of Herc Cores and Newt Cores (listed separately) will include 4 randomly selected bands.

Each set of Herc cores is packaged with four randomly selected silicone rings. Unfortunately special requests can't be accommodated at this time. Additional silicone rings are available in 12-packs (two of each color).

Herc core copper: 10.3g
Herc core brass: 9.6g
Herc core stainless steel: 9.0g
Single silicone ring: 0.4g
Double silicone ring: 0.8g
Please note that items included in the package (strings, stickers, patches, bags etc.) vary in colour and quantity depending on availability, and may not be exactly as shown in the photos.