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AroundSquare Hybrid Titanium Begleri - 550 Edition - Skill Toy

$ 55.00 

Hybrid Titanium 550 Edition Begleri

The Hybrid begleri design splices together some of the most distinctive and attractive features of two of our most popular begleri. The overall shape of the beads resembles that of the Titan begleri, with a cylindrical body and domed top. The bottom of the base bead is slightly recessed, which keeps the knot out of the way but not entirely hidden. Like our Hydra begleri, each end consists of separate beads, which add an additional fidget factor to the set. particularly welcome in situations where conspicuous slinging may not be appropriate.

The beads are 16mm in diameter, but the domed top makes the set feel substantially smaller in the hand, and noticeably nimbler during technical play. The hybrids are extremely comfortable and are slightly quieter than our solid metal designs. The 550 Edition have been drilled out to a 4mm bore, in order to comfortably accommodate 550 paracord.

Each set comes with extra strings, stickers, and a cloth bag. Colors vary depending on availability and may not be as shown.

11.3g per end, for a nimble, high-performance set
16mm max diameter
4mm bore, suitable for 550 paracord
Shallow recess on the bottom bead, allowing for a partial recess of a knot, or a full recess of a flat melted end