AroundSquare Hype - Begleri - Skill Toy

Color: Mini Titanium Sandblasted
Sale price$ 50

Hype Begleri

Named after the Greek titan Hyperion, the Hypes are a high performance bead design developed by longtime community member and throwing knife maker Jeremy @bullseyeblades Beintema. The design features an ergonomic curvature which is excellent for advanced tricks like bead rolls, combined with a low centre of gravity that carries great momentum without feeling "heavy". The slightly elongated shape provides great control, making the design suitable for players of all skill levels. The Hypes are available in two sizes of sand blasted (natty) gr5 titanium:
• Regular size: 21mm tall and 12.3g per bead
• Minis: 19mm tall and 8.9g per bead

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