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AroundSquare Ice Titan Begleri - Skill Toy

$ 55.00 

The acrylic "Ice Titans" are machined from a durable transparent acrylic material, and come complete with anodized aluminum Newton inserts, and an SS Nano Standard insert to give them a little bit of additional weight if desired. The Ice Titans feature the classic Titan shape which has stood the test of time as a reliable, comfortable, high-performance design, in an all-new material. The acrylic material is slightly grippy, which is helpful in performing certain tricks, and is also slightly softer and less "clacky" than its delrin and metal counterparts.

Ice Titan Beads: 19x19mm; ~3.7g per bead
Titanium Newton cores: 14x14mm (protrude 2mm from base of Titans); ~4.4g per bead
Aluminum Newton cores: 14x14mm (protrude 2mm from base of Titans); ~2.7g per bead
SS Nano Standards (included: 8x 7.7mm; ~2.3g each
Total end weight with all three: ~10.4g for titanium; ~8.6g for aluminum

Do not buy these expecting to mix and match with various hardcore inserts.
Do not use with Micro Hydras or Micro Standards (they will get stuck). Only use with flanged beads (Hercs, Newtons, or End Caps).
Acrylic is durable, but it is slightly softer than delrin, and will show scratches and chips. The clear optics will become clouded over time if they are dropped, smacked, or scuffed repeatedly. which is the nature of the beast with begleri. So basically, if you're going to use them, they're going to look used.
Please note that items included in the package (strings, stickers, patches, bags etc.) vary in color and quantity depending on availability