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AroundSquare Knucklebaton Modular - Spinning Rod Skill Toy

$ 25.00 


Aroundsquare's Knucklebatons are a cross-over device, bridging the gap between our knucklebones, and pen spinning. They are designed to help players cross over into new tricks and new styles of play. The basic setup is simply an elongated version of the Knucklebone grips, and they are compatible with all of our modular knucklebone components.

Pen spinning purists will find the solid delrin rods shorter and slightly heavier than what they are accustomed to, and the material is also less grippy than most pen spinning mods. Experienced kbone rollers will find that some kbone tricks port over easily, while others don't, but the longer rods open up tons of possibilities for new momentum-based tricks that don't compute with the original kbone form factor.

At present, the kbat rods are available in two lengths in delrin.

Delrin long rods+ skinny knobs: 17cm/ 20.8g all in
Delrin short rods + skinny knobs: 13.5cm/ 18.0g all in