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AroundSquare Knucklebone Micro Skill Toy - Begleri - Extra Small

$ 30.00 

Knucklebone Extra Smalls

While AroundSquare stands by the original size of the knuclebone design, these Micros are ridiculously fun, and not nearly as difficult as you might think. The Micro kbones are very small--so small you'll probably giggle the first time you see them. But they are legit players. The small size does make some tricks more difficult (especially sonics and thumb rolls/ thumb arounds), but they are also so much more nimble in the hands, that they enable other tricks that are not possible with the original sized kbones. More pocket friendly, and even more inconspicuous in the hand.

Micro Knucklebones:
Sized down 20% from the original size
Titanium (sandblasted): 22.0g
Stainless (polished): 38.9g
Brass (polished): 42.8g
Copper (polished): 44.4g