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AroundSquare Knucklebone Silicone Honeybones - Skill Toy

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Knucklebone - Silicone Honeybones

Aroundsquare knucklebones are a pocket friendly skill toy that can be manipulated to perform tricks, or just pass the time. With the original kbones, a whole new category of skill toys began, but make no mistake, the knucklebones are the original hardbody knuckle rollers.

The silicone honeybones are made from high quality, relatively stiff silicone, and come in three sizes--the original size, mini (90%), and micro (80%). The flexibility, light weight, and grip of these pieces gives them a truly unique feel, and enables a range of flexing and stretching exercises which can be used to help condition and warm up the fingers. The grip and weight mean that they won't flow through the fingers as smoothly as other materials, but the flip side of that is that they provide immense control during play. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of these bones, however, is that they are extremely quiet to play, and drops don't pose a threat to toes, or to disrupting a quiet room with the loud clang of metal hitting the floor.

Sold in 3-packs: one regular sized, one mini, and one micro
Weights on all three sizes are very light