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AroundSquare Knucklebone Resin Edition - Skill Toy - Begleri

$ 25.00 

The acrylic resin knucklebones are lightweight, and have a smooth, glossy finish that provides good grip during play. The combination of weight and grip makes them less prone to drops, and is also excellent for many advanced moves that involve manipulating the kbone from one of the ends.

Players accustomed to the momentum and gravity effect of the heavier metal versions may take some time to adjust to this style of play, but those interested in tricks and technical play will find this version extremely flexible and entertaining.

The acrylic resin knucklebones are quite striking visually. They present swirling colours, and many of them include some transparent and translucent portions, which make for beautiful pieces of playable art.

In terms of durability, the acrylic material is surprisingly robust. The resin kbones can generally withstand reasonable impacts (i.e., drops on hard surfaces), and are not prone to breaking or cracking. However, hard drops will likely scuff the surface, and drops on rough surfaces like sidewalks are likely to ding, scratch, or even chip the kbones.

In the pocket, the knucklebones are fairly scratch resistant. However, over time they are likely to pick up micro abrasions and can scratch if carried beside keys etc.
Material: acrylic resin
Weight: each piece is unique, ranging in weight from around 12.0g/0.42oz to 12.7g/0.45oz