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AroundSquare Micro Boss Begleri - Skill Toy

$ 35.00 

Micro Boss Begleri

Aroundsquare's Micro Boss begleri series is a "back to the roots" design that resembles traditional Greek begleri more than anything else we have produced to date. The pairs of small spherical beads are a throwback to the worry beads of an earlier era, before players started getting too technical. The multi-bead design, with the bottom-heavy metal pairings makes these sets soft and springy to play, with great overall weighting. These sets feel heavier than the specified weight due to the bottom weighting of the design.

These sets play very well, and players will find that most of their tricks translate well to the design, but the goal was to create a series with a traditional vibe that supports a more laid back playing style--a departure from the small, nimble sets used for highly technical play.

Titanium (4 bead): @16g set
Stainless Steel (4 bead): 5.9g
Brass (4 bead): 6.3g
Copper (4 bead): 6.7g
Aluminum (4 bead): 2.1g
Titanium + Brass (4 bead): @22g set
Stainless + Aluminum (4 bead): 17.2g set
Brass + Aluminum (4 bead): 18.0g set
Copper + Aluminum (4 bead): 18.8g set

Titanium 10mm edition (6 bead): 13.6g set