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AroundSquare Pozvonok Chetki - Russian Flipping Beads - Manipulation Beads

$ 120.00 

Aroundsquare's Pozvonok Chetki are our take on the classic perekidnye chetki or flipping beads (перекидные четки) otherwise known as "Russian prison beads". They are designed for flipping, much like a balisong or a set of begleri, and with practice, a wide variety of tricks and combinations can be performed. But as the name suggests, these beads have a unique back story.

The name means "spine" in Russian, which is a nod to the roots, as well as descriptor of the form factor. The structure of these beads gives an articulated length which can be flipped in a linear manner, but still has enough flexibility that it doesn't feel rigid along other planes. The simple structure is one that is common in Russian chetki, but our materials give a fresh look and feel to the classic. The slightly weighted ends provide a familiar feel for begleri players, while the overall play experience is dramatically different.

Flipping chetki has elements in common with short game begleri, komboloi manipulation, and and balisong or butterfly knife flipping, and moves from all three can be incorporated into your flow.

All strung up on a robust custom made 1.7mm Kevlar cord and 2x 15mm end beads

Titanium-41x 8mm titanium beads, 13 sections
Weight: 51g/1.8oz

Burmese Rosewood and Black Rosewood - each with ten sections
Weight: 34g/1.2oz

Hainan Eaglewood - with slightly longer beads in nine section setup
Weight: 36g/1.27oz