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At Design Lab Mono 52mm Yo-Yo - MoNo Series - Middle Undersized YoYo

$ 99.99 

The Mono 52mm is a middle undersized yoyo in the Mono series, with a diameter of 52mm, reminiscent of the standard size from 15 years ago.

Its shape is inspired by the YoYoJam Night Moves 5, but with a lighter weight. Weighing in at 62.5g, it offers improved controllability while maintaining sufficient stability. It falls perfectly between our Mono 50mm and MoNo 54mm models.

The unique characteristics of the Mono 52mm and see it as a fresh way to enhance your yoyo experience.
It comes in a stunning silver and starlight half color combination, paying homage to the iconic Anti-yo Eetsit.

Weight: 62.5g/2.20oz
Width: 41.5mm/1.63in
Diameter: 52.5mm/2.07in
Gap: 4.2mm/0.16in
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