Bahama Kendama Deluxe Hardwood Kendama - Walnut and Maple

Style: Vertical Stripe
Sale price$ 39.99

Bahama Kendama is devoted to bringing you top quality, beautifully designed and innovative Kendamas! All Bahama Kendama models come with an additional string!

Natural beauty meets performance! Bahama Kendama has produced a beautiful combination of walnut and maple hardwoods in these amazing Kendamas.

Solid walnut ken and cups. Maple ball with walnut striping catches the eye of anyone watching your performance. These kendama are gorgeous looking and play great (they smell good too).
Standard Specifications:
Material: Walnut and Maple Wood
Weight (oz): 5
Length (in): 6.375
Handle to Tip
Length (in): 7.4
Handle to Tama
Tama (in): 2.375

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