Bahama Kendama Deluxe Solid Zebrawood Kendama - Zebra Wood - Natural Finish

Sale price$ 24.99
Bahama Kendama is devoted to bringing you top quality, beautifully designed and innovative Kendamas! Look for us for all of your Kendama needs!
All Bahama Kendamas ship to you with the Ken and Tama pre-strung with the Tama on the spike. Each Bahama Kendama has a sticker of certificate of authenticity on the Ken.
Bahama Kendamas feature three cups of different sizes with the Bahama Kendama logo in the big cup for easy identification and orientation. All Bahama Kendama models come with an additional string!
The name Zebrawood is used to describe several tree species and the wood derived from them. Zebrawood is characterized by a striped grain that is reminiscent of a zebra. It is a heavy, hardwood with a somewhat coarse texture, often with an interlocked or wavy grain. This kendama is solid and durable and made to last. The coarse texture helps land those tough trick where a slick kendama just doesn't cut it.
Zebrawood is a must for any serious kendama player's collection.
Standard Specifications:
Material: Beech Wood
Weight (oz): 5
Length (in): 6.375
Handle to Tip
Length (in): 7.4
Handle to Tama
Tama (in): 2.375

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