Big Larry's King Knuckle Buster Begleri by Zeekio

Sale price$ 19.99

Like all Knuckle Buster Begleri the King Knuckle Buster is a hefty and hard all steel begleri.

We wanted to increase the size of the original Knuckle Buster without adding weight. The solution is the King Knuckle Buster Begleri. It Is big with each bead measuring 1.4" long and just about 1/2" wide . The weight is a manageable 38 grams total.

The King Knuckle Buster has an inner bead that is flush to one end and leaves an extra large hole that allows for fully recessed knots of full sized 550 para-cord and smaller.

We are really excited about the King! It's our biggest Knuckle Buster yet with some design improvements we think you will love!

Made in the USA by Big Larry exclusively for Zeekio.
Comes with a Zeekio drawstring bag and extra cord.
Cords come extra long so you can cut them down to your preferred size

Check out the entire line of Knuckle Busters Begleri including: Original Knuckle Buster, Knuckle Buster 2, King Knuckle Buster, and Split Knuckle!

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