Big Larry's Magnetic Simple Steel Bracelet Begleri by Zeekio

Color: Raw Steel
Sale price$ 19.99

Big Larry's Magnetic Simple Steel Bracelet Begleri. Made from custom drilled solid steel beads with magnetic ends so you can wear it when you are not using it. Keeps your begleri inches away at any time.The cord is braided polyester that is smooth and durable.
The magnet is seated in end of the beads and is easily removed with the included paperclip (or something similar) to allow for quick and easy cord changes.
Weighing 30 grams (1.3 oz) total.
Made in the USA by Big Larry exclusively for Zeekio.
Comes with a Zeekio drawstring bag and 3 extra cords.
Cords come extra long so you can cut them down to your preferred size

NOTE: When taking apart the ends, we recommend sliding the begleris in opposite directions rather than pulling apart. This helps keep the magnets seated but if magnets get pulled out just pop them back in. Make sure they are in the correct direction or they will repulse instead of attract the opposite magnet.

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