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Brandon Vu x Jeffrey Pang PLASTIC CHEATCODE Yo-Yo - The Ultimate Fingerspin YoYo

$ 29.99 

From Cheatcode:

The Plastic Cheatcode is an affordable plastic version of the standard Cheatcode with features built in for beginners. It will come responsive out of the box, with a bearing tool and unresponsive bearing included.

We wanted to develop a yoyo that a complete beginner could use for their entire yoyo journey from basic responsive play to professional string tricks - all while retaining the incredible fingerspin performance of the original!

- Responsive & unresponsive play with included bearing tool
- Matte catch zone for reduced String Friction!
- Auto Orientation of fingerspins like the original
- 53mm Wide to help beginners land their tricks easier
- 59g for extreme "metal like" stability as tested by Brandon Vu winning CZ nationals

Weight: 59g/2.08oz
Width: 53mm/ 2.08in