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C3yoyodesign Contrail 2021 Version Yo-Yo - Off String POM YoYo - Rei Iwakura Signature

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7 times World Champion - Rei Iwakura Signature Model "Contrail" renewal! 2021 Version

From C3:
The 1st generation of Contrail released in 2017. After 4 years, we have a new updated edition of Contrail.

Rei and C3 development team redesigned the new Contrail meticulously. We tested several prototypes until we finalized a design. Based on the blueprint of Flawless, we aimed to build a new contrail suited for beginner to professional players. A high-performance offstring yoyo favourite for beginners to develop their yoyo skills. Professional players can also personalize their settings by changing spacers to fine tune the response (sold separately). The new Contrail is lighter and wider, it is easier to control, but still has a powerful spin. Rei Iwakura has been using the New Contrail on 2021 CJ contest stage.

New Contrail enhances the performance of regeneration and controllability, which makes players easily able to control the drop point. The lightweight design helps players be more comfortable with handling and provides enough bounce, so players can easily to catch the yoyo once dropped on the floor.

Moreover, the wider shape of the yoyo will provide an advantage for Soloham tricks. Although not like the Flawless, which has metal weight rings installed to provide spin power, the New Contrail also redesigned the weight distribution to ensure enough spin.

New Contrail specs (compared with old version)
Weight: 75.2g (-8.3g)
Width: 66.5mm (+6.7mm)
Diameter: 72.8mm (-4.8mm)

Original installed 2.73mm spacer and 16mm stainless steel axle.
Designed to be optimal for beginner players right out of the box, advanced players can also change the spacer and axle to optimize their setting. (C3 offstring spacer pack will be sold separately).