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C3yoyodesign Flawless Air Yo-Yo - Light Weight Off String - Rei Iwakura Signature YoYo

$ 125.00 
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YoYo legend and 7-times World Champion, Team C3 Rei Iwakura's specialized lightweight type "FLAWLESS AIR"!

C3yoyodesign and Rei Iwakura teamed up again to create a lightweight "FLAWLESS AIR", which is the ultimate masterpiece of C3 offstring yoyo!

From 103.5 grams in first generation and 93.3 grams in 2018 version. They updated the Flawless in POM with metal ring and fine tune the weight to 84.16 grams in the 2020.

Finally, they released the new version in PC with metal ring weighs 73.5 grams, perfect fit for a majority of 4A professional players. Of course, it is also great for Rei's well-known signature Soloham offstring style.

Weight: 73.5g /2.59oz
Width: 66.45mm/2.12in
Diameter: 72.95mm2.87in
Body Material: POM
Rim Material: Aluminum