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C3yoyodesign Ghost IX Yo-Yo - Polycarbonate - Sora Ishikawa Signature YoYo

$ 54.99 

from C3

The World Champion Sora Ishikawa's third signature yoyo "Ghost IX"

"Ghost IX" is the latest version of Sora Ishikawa's signature yoyo, designed for players by C3 and Sora. It is a wide and large diameter yoyo compatible with both 1A and 5A styles. The main feature is the removal of the stainless steel outer rim, while still maintaining the performance recognized by world champions. It also offers better value for money. Whether you are a player who enjoys collecting unique yoyos or a performer/competitor, "Ghost IX" is highly suitable for you!

The biggest difference from the previous two generations is the use of polycarbonate as the main material, complemented by 6061 aluminum hubs and newly designed stainless steel spacers, making it more durable. In terms of size, it is almost identical to the "Stellar IX".

The shape is based on the "Stellar IX", but with the addition of many straight lines. Compared to the smooth performance of the "Stellar IX", "Ghost IX" is more powerful and energetic. The increased power comes from the thicker rims, which enhance the spinning force. The PC material also provides a smooth feel. Additionally, the wide width greatly improves accuracy in performing tricks.

An important point to note is that Sora is a professional illustrator, and the logo design of "Ghost IX" is created by him. He has also drawn a beautiful artwork from a key vision, which is printed as a postcard and comes with a handwritten signature for everyone!

The initial batch of four colors includes a light purple to light blue faded, neon yellow, transparent, and a lavender special edition for Jihoo Lee, a teammate of Team C3 who specializes in 5A style. The logo for this edition is also specially designed by Sora!

Weight: 72.4 g
Diameter: 62.47 mm
Width: 64.05 mm
Material: Polycarbonate