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C3yoyodesign Hydrogen Crash Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal YoYo

$ 109.99 

The Crash Series latest high performance bi-metal model - "Hydrogen Crash"!

This addition to the Crash series is based on the same shape, but in a wider bimetal version.

Among the C3yoyodesign series, the Crash series is distinguished with each model having its own unique concept. This year's Hydrogen Crash is based on the H profile that is synonymous with the series, but with updated specs and a wider and bimetal design.

First of all, the rim has clearly been extended, making it a full-size model with a diameter of 57 mm and a width of over 46 mm. And despite the overall increase in size, the weight has been reduced to a surprisingly light weight of approximately 63 grams. You will immediately understand why with the first throw. The greatest feature of this model is neither its full size nor its widened body, but the effect of the exquisitely designed extended stainless steel rim, which gives it an astonishing aggressive long sleep that makes it hard to believe it is a lightweight class model.

It is both sharp and powerful enough that some players may momentarily mistake it for a heavyweight yo-yo, and its dependable and light weight balance will make you fall in love with it the more you use it. It is a masterpiece that strongly embodies both the evolution of the Crash series and the evolution of bimetal yo-yo design.

Weight 63.2g /2.49in
Width: 46.23mm/1.82in
Diameter: 57mm /2.24in