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C3yoyodesign Krown ST Yo-Yo - World Champion Shinya Kido Signature YoYo

$ 119.99 

"" combines the Shinya style and high speed playing. It is an all round yoyo for everyone.

The "" is a bimetal yoyo. The Stainless Steel outer ring was designed to have a rounder shape without a sharp edge. This yoyo feels light and string, you can feel a strong sense of explosion and speed while spinning. It is not easy to get out of control when doing rail combo at high speeds. It is like a mixture of the character of previous bimetal 7068 and the feeling of the single metal "KROWN". "" brings a new feeling to the series!

Weight: 64.7g/
Width: 44.58mm/1.75in
Diameter: 54.85mm/2.16in
Gap: 4.5mm-0.18in
Bearing: Size C
Response: Slim Pad
Body Material: 6061 Aluminum
Rim Material: Stainless Steel