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C3yoyodesign Laevateinn Yo-Yo - High Metal Performance YoYo

$ 35.00 
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"Lævateinn🗡" - a high performance yoyo

C3yoyodesign target was to develop a new model for 1A speedy play with good balance. Based their popular 1A yoyso P.wave, Accelerator, and Vanitas by referring to the size, settings, and needs of players they designed the "Lævateinn".

A large diameter of 57mm and wide width of 47mm. It is comfortable on the hand and also easy to land on string with its wide catch zone. It has a most popular and easy-to-use weight of 63.7 grams. The extreme weight distribution and thick rim brings a powerful spin. It maintains a strong force when using horizontal skills, and has a high balance and stability when moving fast.

"Lævatienn" will be a great choice for entry level of 1A yoyo.

9 different types of color, color engraving logo, and color polished flying wings. Different surface treatments provide you various feeling.

Weight: 63.7g/2.25oz
Width: 47mm/1.85in
Diameter: 57mm/2.25in