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C3yoyodesign Plasma Crash Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal Wide Profile YoYo

$ 132.00 

Introducing the "PLASMA CRASH," a yo-yo variant based on the Hydrogen Crash, with improved spin time and maneuverability. The yo-yo maintains a wide profile while being slightly smaller in size, making it easier to handle and execute impressive tricks.

The most distinguishing feature is the finely textured full-matte stainless steel rims, which do not reduce spin time when in contact with the skin during tricks.

The yo-yo is equipped with C3's Sakura 1.2mm silicone pads, providing stronger throws and regenerations. The logo incorporates elements of a plasma globe, symbolizing energy being released within the sphere of the "PLASMA CRASH."

The Plasma Crash is an excellent choice for yo-yo enthusiasts looking for a reliable and powerful yo-yo with improved spin time and maneuverability.

Weight: 64.8g/2.29in
Width: 45.2mm/1.78in
Diameter: 55.3mm/2.17in