C3yoyodesign Radius Nexus Yo-Yo - World Champion Shion Araya Signature YoYo

Color: Blue Silver Green Acid Wash
Sale price$ 54.99

C3yoyodesign - Radius Nexus

The Radius Nexus carries the torch lit by the original Radius, and is the second signature model for 2016-17 1A World Champion, Shion Araya.

The high-end Radius is made more attainable in a reduced cost renewal, the second signature for Shion Araya. The body material is now 6061 aluminum, with a sharper straight shape that is 1mm larger than before for an added weight of 1 gram. With these small tweaks, C3 has preserved the spirit of the original Radius, with a light control and very long sleeps, but always ending with a smooth bind. These changes also help preserve that stable sleep.

All this makes it an excellent choice for players looking to start hitting binds, but this is no mere step-up model, the Radius Nexus delivers the kind of performance that champions demand, and can easily find itself on the contest stage.

Diameter: 57.03 mm / 2.25 inches
Width: 43.02 mm / 1.69 inches
Gap Width: 4.51 mm / 0.18 inches
Weight: 63.7 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: CBC "Slim Pad" Size 19mm OD

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