C3yoyodesign ROOC Yo-Yo - Polycarbonate Body with Stainless Steel Rim - Shinya Kido Signature YoYo

Color: Blue with Gold Rim
Sale price$ 84.99

C3yoyodesign - Rooc

The little brother of the Krown, Rooc brings out the fun of string tricks as a high-end metal-rimmed model.

The much-loved Krown has been blessed with a new brother! Using the same body shape as the famed signature model of 2009 1A World Champion, Shinya Kido, Rooc has a polycarbonate body fitted with a metal rim, giving it a powerful spin but a soft catch like its brother.

While "metal-rimmed" describes the parts used in the yo-yo's construction, there's more to this story. The polycarbonate body of the Rooc is machined the same as metal, giving higher precision and a higher quality finish to the surface that is also more durable and solid than injection mold plastics. This has allowed C3 to very carefully change the thickness of the body in some areas to tweak its weight distribution, so that the Rooc performs well alongside full bi-metal designs.

As the power increases, so does the sense of weight, making the yo-yo feel heavier during play than at rest. Compared to the light feeling in the Krown, this may be the biggest difference between the two. But thanks to C3's know-how from making other excellent multi-material models like the Gamma Crash and its variants, they've managed to maintain excellent balance of power and weight distribution, making the Rooc an easy, fun throw that can perform alongside much more expensive models.

The Rooc has the potential to surpass its full metal brothers, and is a supreme string trick model that will satisfy both Krown lovers and those looking for their first bind model.

Weight: 64g
Width: 45mm
Diameter: 56mm
Bearing: Size C
Response: Slim 19mm
Axle: 4x12mm
Body: Polycarbonate
Rim: Stainless Steel

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