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C3yoyodesign SHFX Speedaholic FX Yo-Yo - Finger Spin Extreme - Hybrid YoYo

$ 60.00 

Fingerspin has no limits! This yoyo is a game-changer in the world of fingerspin yoyos. The world's most advanced fingerspin hybrid yoyo with competition-grade performance! Speedaholic XX introduces an evolved form! Introducing the "SHFX"!

The SHFX is C3's latest hybrid design, featuring a polycarbonate body with 6061 aluminum rims. The full name, Speedaholic Fingerspin Extreme, is supervised by the Fingerspin Legend Ethan Wong aka Momo.

At the 2013 EYYC, Ethan Wong aka Momo and Kota Watanabe popularized the fingerspin playstyle, bringing a huge shock to the yo-yo world. In the 10 years since, various types of yo-yos focused on the fingerspin theme have been released in the market. In recent years, there has also been a trend of DNA tricks on social media, but some designs have only prioritized this trick alone, neglecting performance for normal use.

As one of the pioneers of the fingerspin playstyle, C3 has gathered years of experience, in manufacturing and designs. With multiple prototypes tested by the legendary Momo, the SHFX provides competition level quality, with the added benefits of insane fingerspin capabilities.

Thanks to the use of 6061 and PC materials, a new shape, and weight distribution, the SHFX meets the needs of modern competitions without sacrificing usability or feeling awkward during DNA tricks.

Compared to the Speedaholic XX, SHFX has a smaller size but wider body, increasing accuracy. The fingerspin hub design has also been significantly strengthened, allowing for automatic centering and a more secure hold during DNA tricks, resulting in longer spin times.

The SHFX comes in a wide range of bright body colors complemented by multiple variations of 6061 aluminum alloy colors, making it visually appealing for both competitions and collectors!

Weight: 66.3g/2.34oz
Width: 46.8mm/1.84in
Diameter: 56.8mm/2.23in
Body Material: Polycarbonate
Rim Material: 6061 Aluminum