C3yoyodesign Submarine Yo-Yo - Off String YoYo - Shotaro Masuda Signature

Color: Blue
Sale price$ 64.99

C3 has launched different offstring yo-yos over the years. In mid-2019, C3 proposed a signature yoyo for Shotaro . At the same time, C3 went to Fukuoka, Japan and personally design with Shotaro.

Through the several prototypes and tests. Shotaro finally confirm the design at the end of 2020.
Design ideas from Shotaro:
1. Shotaro's favorite C3 1A yoyo Mater Galaxy as the body sharpe.
2. Same weight and feeling of Neo Solar.
3. Distribution of Jenos and longer spinning time.
4. Have enough rebound power once drop on ground.
5. Special designed spacer for a wider gap (MSD Spacer).

Shotaro has always believed that the shape of Master Galaxy has potential to be a 4A yoyo, because the ultra-wide ratio helps the accuracy of tricks, and it also has a longer hang time in the air. He want to transfer this to 4A design, so C3 has done a lot of modification and finally changed "Submarine" to the 4A version of Master Galaxy.

It keeps the soft feeling and weight close to Neo Solar as much as possible, and combines with the weight distribution of Jenos, so it can keep stable during high-speed moving, and spinning time has also been improved.

In addition, C3 designed a new spacer based on Shotaro's needs. The MSD Spacer has a wider gap for more space for the string to wrap onto the yoyo.

Weight: 80.9g/2.85oz
Width: 66.7mm/2.35in
Material: POM

Included with 4 types spacers - blue (MSD) / purple (thick) / gold (thin) / green (medium)
Gold 2.097mm
Green 2.417mm
Purple 2.737mm
Blue 3.221mm

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