C3yoyodesign Yeah3 Yo-Yo

Color: Blue
Sale price$ 79.99
The Yeah3 is a slightly-undersized metal gem from C3YoYo Design!
This Hong Kong-based yo-yo maker is garnering attention for their reasonably priced, but performance-level, throws. The Yeah3 is right on target with this. Featuring a double-V shape to keep the string away from the yo-yo body, as well as a nice, wide catch zone, the Yeah3 is built for serious play.
This all-metal yo-yo has a sharp logo and nicely finished body. It uses a standard large (C-size) stainless steel ball bearing and silicone response pads.
Weight (g): 67.6
Diameter (mm): 56.36
Width (mm): 40.81
Bearing: Size C
Response: C3 Large

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