Chico Yo-yo Company - Flyer Aluminum YoYo-Purple

Sale price$ 74.99

The Flyer is Chico's first foray into a more price conscious world of metal yo-yos. And yet, as expected with Chico releases, this one still impresses, even at the lower-than-expected price. Slightly under-sized, this is a smooth performance player. The Flyer has such high-end metal yo-yo features as strict and precise machining, a standard ABEC-rated 10-ball bearing and custom-cut silicone pads. The Flyer can be adapted for flowable silicone, too. Specs: Weight: 68 g; Diameter: 50.3 mm; Width: 40.6 mm; Gap: 4.15 mm; Bearing: Large (C) 10-ball bearing; Response: Silicone pads (and accepts flowable silicone).

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