Circle City YoYos Muse Yo-Yo - High Quality Bead Blasted YoYo - Pouch Included!

Color: Pink
Sale price$ 55

from Bradd;

Circle City Yoyos Muse

This yo-yo has a real old school feel to it, with a new school vibe. We decided to call it the muse, because Greek mythology claims that all inspiration is from the muses themselves. Each colorway represents a specific muse in my life. Those being my children and the love of my life. I hope that this yo-yo inspires play in all levels of players.

Rose Gold (Clio Colorway)
Pink (Thalia Colorway)
Purple (Calliope Colorway)

The specifics:
6061 Aluminum
Centertrac Sized C Bearing
19mm Silicone Friction Pads
M4 Axle
Diameter: 57mm
Width: 44mm
Weight: 65g
Bead Blasted and Anodized

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