Circle City YoYos Warbird Yo-Yo - 7075 T6 Aluminum YoYo - Many Extras! Designed by Kyle Pearson

Color: Blue Green Half Swap
Sale price$ 65

This is Circle City YoYos first player release. It has been piloted by their seasoned veteran Kyle Pearson. He has worked closely with their specialist Nathan Joseph, to create this this exciting new yo-yo. It has a great cup making for a seamless finger spin catch zone and plays amazing! You definitely want to pilot this yo-yo. Comes with zippered pouch and extras!

Blue- yak-3 colorway
Green- A6M3 colorway

Here are the stats!

7075 T6 Aluminum
42.5mm Wide (Modified in production)
55mm in Diameter
4.4mm Gap Width (modified)
10mm m4 Axle
Centertrac Size C bearing
Weight of 64g

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