Circle City YoYos Warhawk P40 Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal YoYo - Many Extras

Color: Black Silver
Sale price$ 80

Bi-Metal YoYo

As these P40s land at their destination, please take your time to get to know them. They are hand poured silicone and have a personality. We have included different sizes of shims for your tuning pleasure.

Diameter: 56mm
Width: 45.5mm
Weight: 63.5g
Gap: 4.6mm bare (up to 5mm with shims)
Material: 7068 aluminum with stainless steel rings
Bearing: Size D (concave)
Response: custom - flowable silicone

Comes with
1. Competitive P40 Warhawk
2. Silicone (if you are interested in doing your own)
3. .1mm, .2mm Shims
4. Custom Throwbags Pouch
5. Custom Badwolfe Strings
6. 2x D sized Bearings

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