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CLYW Borealis 2 Yo-Yo - Mono-Metal - Zach Gormley Signature YoYo

$ 84.99 
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This signature model for the 2015 World YoYo Champion Zach Gormley, the Borealis, was what he used on stage in Tokyo to take home the gold .

CLYW is super proud of this collaborative design with Zach, and they think these are going to become a quick favorite with CLYW fans around the world.

The Borealis is light and fast, and was designed around Zach's style of play. He wanted a return top that felt almost weightless, but had the spin time and stability to power through his long, almost acrobatic combos. The Borealis has an organic body shape and a great feel in the hand that makes it a fun casual throw or an absolute monster on stage. Perfect for a World Champion...or anyone else.

Weight: 65.8g/2.32oz
Width: 44mm/1.73in
Diameter: 56.34mm/2.22in