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CLYW Kodiak - Mono-Metal YoYo - Tessa Piccillo Signature Yo-Yo

$ 90.00 

The Kodiak is the second signature model for World YoYo Champion and CLYW Team Leader, Tessa Piccillo!

This monometal yoyo was designed with Tessa's all-around great play style in mind. Updated from bi-metal to a monometal design, the new Kodiak features elements from the Arctic Circle series and Manatee and has been adapted to monometal to make it more affordable and accessible to new players. The new Kodiak has a floaty and almost weightless feeling, and is a great all-around throw.

Perfect for pretty much whatever you want to use it for, the new Kodiak is a solid all-day throw.

Weight: 66.2g/2.34oz
Width: 43.3mm/1.7in
Diameter: 56.3mm/2.21in