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Damian Puckett Wisteria Yo-Yo -Mono-Metal - Aluminum Full Size YoYo

$ 65.00 

The Wisteria is a full sized yoyo. Damian Pucket has made this yoyo in multiple variations of bimetal, Ti, and even TISS. This Mono-Metal version is made of aluminum 7068. Damian has always loved full sized yo-yos and that was the inspiration to give the Wisteria a 58MM Diameter. The large diameter and weight distribution gives it an impressive amount of power for a monometal.

Weight: 65g/2.29oz
Width: 44mm/1.73in
Diameter: 58mm/2.28in
Gap: 4.4mm/0.17in
Material: 7068 Aluminum