Dragon Hawk Glider with Power Assist -Auto Start - Lights Up for Night Flying!

Sale price$ 24.99

Have you ever wanted to train your own dragon? Well now you can! Train your dragon to fly, rise and dive. Rule the skies day or night with colorful lights! The light up dragon hawk flies like a real dragon with lifelike flight movement, controlled flight patterns and super long flight capability! With Power Assist, it will soar in the sky for 5 to 10 seconds. Just shake your wrist three times and let it soar! It's durable and made to last and you can recharge it with the attached USB cord. Watch out! You're about to have a TERROR-IFIC time!

Auto-start: Shake it and the motor starts automatically.
Super Long Flight Distance: Fly straight or in patterns. -
Power Assist: Play an hour on a single 20 minute charge. -
Two Power Settings: For shorter flights or high flying run.

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