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Duncan Freehand One Ti Yo-Yo - Aluminum Caps - Titanium YoYo

$ 314.99 

Duncan's titanium yo-yo, the Freehand Ti - Large Bearing.⁣⁣
The body is the classic original Freehand design, with caps and a large bearing. This one is titanium with Aluminium caps.⁣⁣ The perfect high-performance yo-yo for the most devoted yo-yo collector.⁣⁣
Working with titanium allowed Duncan to significantly thin down the wall for the Freehand Ti, which massively improved the performance of the yo-yo. It's still got that classic feeling, but the body is lightweight and the weight is well-distributed, which allowed Duncan the freedom to add caps to this design, something they thought was key. What's a Freehand without caps, anyway?⁣⁣ This model is really something special.

With Metal Caps, (default):⁣
The solid feeling gives you better control of your tricks, gives you the best regens, and helps you get through longer rail combos. Weighing in at 65.6 grams, it appears heavier than its plastic-capped counterpart, but it still plays lightweight due to the well-engineered design.⁣

With Plastic Caps:⁣
Plastic Caps were added as an alternative for lighter-weight playability. This setup gives you that really great classic plastic capped yo-yo feel. The total weight, including the plastic caps, is 62.3 grams, putting it on the lighter side. It's optimized engineering, however, makes the most of that weight, and this yo-yo still spins for exceptionally long periods of time.⁣

Specs with Aluminum Caps:
Diameter: 56.05mm/2.21in
Width: 38.35mm/1.51in
Bearing: Large C
Body Material: Titanium
Cap Material: Aluminum

Specs with Plastic Caps:
Weight: 62.3g/2.20oz
Diameter: 56.05mm/2.22in
Width: 38.35mm/1.51in
Bearing: Large C
Body Material: Titanium
Cap Material: Plastic