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Duncan GTR Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal Premium YoYo

$ 99.99 
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From Duncan:
Working on the GTR, we took strong design notes from the Grasshopper GTX, but certainly weren't afraid to stray from that path. Our goal wasn't to make a replacement for the well-received and much-loved Grasshopper GTX design-we think everyone is satisfied with that design as-is. Instead, we sought to create a unique design that compliments the Grasshopper GTX. We like to think the GTR is to the Grasshopper GTX what ice cream is to milkshakes: Similar, but individually delicious for unique and distinguishable reasons. ⁣⁣
The design process itself was intricate and full of small subtleties that made big changes. Working on a bimetal design always entails hours of tuning the body and focusing on the stainless steel ring to optimize both durability and playability, and this time was no exception: We spent a lot of our time honing in on this design. This yo-yo will be joining the ranks of our more premium yo-yos, such as what can be found in our GTX / X series of yo-yos, but we feel this design is a step up from this already-successful series, and we think you will agree. ⁣⁣

Weight: 66g/2.33oz
Width: 47mm/1.85in⁣⁣
Diameter: 56mm⁣⁣/2.20in
Body Material: Aluminum 6061⁣⁣
Rim Material: Stainless Steel⁣⁣
Pads: 19mm Duncan Pads⁣⁣
Bearing: Licensed KK Bearing⁣