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Duncan Haymaker OG Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal YoYo

$ 69.99 

First introduced in 2016, the original Haymaker remains one of Duncan's most dynamic bimetal yo-yos of all time. It's undersized and lightweight, giving it speed and maneuverability, yet also bimetal, and with that comes heightened stability and power. Combined, these give the Haymaker OG a really distinctive feel, making it a truly unique bimetal yo-yo.

This in mind, in the spirit of revisiting the greatest hits, it made perfect sense to apply the years of experience acquired since 2016 to revamp the original Haymaker, resulting in the Haymaker OG, a bimetal yo-yo like none you've ever played before!

Weight: 61.4g/2.17oz
Width: 40.83mm/1.61in
Diameter: 52.75mm/2.08in
Body Material: 6061 Aluminum
Rim Material: Stainless Steel