Duncan Raptor - Triple Crown of Yo-Yo Edition - Red - Pre-owned

Sale price$ 30

This particular Raptor is pre-owned. It does have some scuffing on the edges. It is a souvenir model with the Raptor logo on one side and the Triple Crown of YoYo on the other side.

The Duncan Raptor Yo-Yo is a great metal yo-yo designed for intermediate players ready to move to the next level, or advanced players looking for a new throw.

The Raptor is an aluminum yo-yo with a comfortable shape and feel that makes it quick and agile on the string. Duncan has put a quality C-size bearing into the Raptor, and the yo-yo is designed to be semi- or un-responsive right out of the box.

Duncan Crew member Tomas Bubak used a Raptor in his winning freestyle performance at the 2011 European Yo-Yo Contest!

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