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Duncan Yoshicuda X Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal - Yoshihrio Abe Signature YoYo

$ 84.99 
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Yoshicuda X is a variation of the Barracuda X. It features the same shape but a different cup zone, weight, and diameter.

The Yoshicuda X has a pretty similar catch zone to our Orbital released in 2017, but it's deeper and a lot easier to catch. Based on Yoshihiro's play style, it was important that it could hit his incredibly fast and dense trick maneuvers with ease. The catch zone and weight feeling are the key features here: this yo-yo is tailored for any tricks which quickly change direction and features a very comfortable catch zone, so you can catch and throw and catch and throw and the fun never ends.

Comparison of Barracuda X and Yoshicuda X
The Barracuda X is 1.9mm larger compared to the Yoshicuda X that gives both a similar look, but makes play an entirely different world. As far as width is concerned, it is pretty close, it was adjusted a tiny bit more of the Yoshicuda X for tolerance purposes. Yoshicuda X -This is a little undersized, but don't be deceived by the size; this is 2g heavier compared to Barracuda X to give you the maximum performance in a smaller package.

Weight: 63.5g
Width: 44mm
Diameter: 54nn
Bearing: Large Size C
Response: Slim 19mm
Axle: 4x8mm
Material: 7075 Aluminum
Rim: Stainless Steel